Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Zevious - After the Air Raid

If anyone would like more proof of just how magically gifted a drummer Jeff Eber is (drummer of dysrhythmia) , you should check this.  Sharing similarities with dysrhythmia only in its flirtations with odd times signatures. Zevious is all about the progressive jazz vibe 60's era. Plenty of solo's abound from Mike Eber but generally the riffs are kept angular.  I've seen these guys live and its just fun to see them tear through their set like demonic children. For a sophmore release its hard not to mistaken them for seasoned vets of the form.

 After the Air Raid

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  1. This is siiiiiick. Definitely hear you on the 60's prog/jazz, as this sounds a lot like a modern Matching Mole more often than not.

    I should probably do a Robert Wyatt post pretty soon...