Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Speaking Canaries - Get Out Alive: The Last Type Story (2003)

There is something to be said for an album that seemed to have done so much right and even in its day received high critical praise but was thrown to the side. This is the often forgotten about project of Damon Che (drummer of Don Cab)  Here the skin smasher takes up guitar and enlists the assistance of fellow Pittsburghians Hurl. However I have read for this particular release these are songs mostly tracked by Che himself. Its an interesting period piece of 90's indie rock that seems to have an odd love of early Van Halen, but it works well. Something I will let our readers choose however is which release they want..... There are two cuts of this album.  One has severely extended versions of a couple songs and the other does not. Im in the camp of the shorter version but I know a lot of people prefer the extensions.

Get Out Alive: The Last Type Story (long)

Get out Alive: The Last Type Story (short)

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