Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ecstatic Sunshine - Freckle Wars (2006)

These gents are in the band Ponytail, which I'm sure many are familiar with.  Could never get into em myself (that vocalist needs to scream talk elsewhere) Ecstatic Sunshine finds these two guitar slingers doing what they do best.....strumming together. Its kinda poppy, certainly indie tinged, sprightly and slightly distorted. Maybe a more all encompassing statement would be youthful happy surf folk music for slightly miffed pre-teens. I know that prolly doesn't sound so tempting but I promise there is much to enjoy.

Freckle Wars


  1. cool stuff, but whenever i hear things that are well written for guitar, no matter how cool they are, i always want them to be fully fleshed out songs. i want some bass and drums to jump in and get to rocking. Joe Pass is the only solo guitar music i really love, and that when i hear it doesnt make me ache for more musicians. but these guys are really good at writing together.

  2. I remember checking these guys out forever ago. Pretty solid stuff.

    Ponytail is fucking annoying though.