Saturday, November 9, 2013

Losses - (DEMO) red intent/untitled (2013)

Vancouver cats Losses have dropped  an atomic warhead of a demo track. You can practically see the teeth on this beast as you're listening. These guys had some incredibly well done demos in 2012 that find themselves in pretty heavy rotation in my life. This new pair of tracks offers a double dose of post hardcore riff racket experimental ambient total hardcore math rock twist. Please go engulf, its just that crazy golden.


Fowls - Into the Wild (2013)

Fowls are a group from Rochester NY (UPSTATE!) that bring an interesting blend to the table.  Its Indie pop rock that borrows a few tricks of the trade from math rock and post rock. Its a combo that I've heard a few times but these guys have their own spin and that certainly counts for something. Reminds me a bit of the UK groups doing the similar math pop lite vocal one two punch.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Memória de Peixe - 7/4 (2012)

A looping pedal isn't an automatic slam dunk into math rock glory. But in the case of  Memória de Peixe from Portugal this duo get the job done with some highly inspired on the fly looping. To me the key to perfect use is "if I dont know your using it then you win" This is a hot track for sure and would love to hear more.


The Prophet Nathan - Secret Teachings (2013)

Nashville sons The Prophet Nathan have thankfully dropped their newest release on us today. It's their first proper full length in a hot minute so it's been one I have been patiently waiting on. Since last time we heard them, they have added a bassist which has helped flesh out some of their songs a bit more. Hoping that this release proves to be the kick that these guys need because they are a pure treat and more people should be aware of their majesty. Alternative metal bent to the side while math rock hangs heavy. What I've always enjoyed was their use of space to either bring focus or to just dial back the speed a bit to focus on the vocals. Speaking of which the vocals are much more present and stronger towards the end of the disc which is certainly welcomed.  Highly recommend this release to any man, woman or beast. Been listening to this on repeat all afternoon.

The Prophet Nathan

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dios Trio - Mouse Trap (2013)

I feel like after three years of doing this I can be a bit honest with you guys. Dios Trio's last album is pretty damn boring. So I bet you're wondering why I'm posting up a newish song by them? Because this song is the freaking sauce. Every second of it is quality. If this is even a small fraction of the new stuff these guys are working on, then sign my ass up because I want first dibs on this pony ride.


Fight Cloud - Simple Structures ep (2013)

When we last left our intrepid heroes (who apparently cohere into a brawling mass of water particles) they had already made clear that they were in possession of an incredibly mature sound. As their name would suggest, they were at once ambient with soaring vocals yet ready and willing to toss bolts of hefty electric riffs down to earth and send the people scattering amidst skittering rhythms. Simple Structures is their latest release, and while seemingly a smidgen more muscular, these guys haven't gone to great ends to fix what wasn't broken — there ain't a band out now doing what they do at this level of success. So while I generally like to see some progression from release to release, there are instances where I honest to god just want more of what these dudes are serving up.


Okkoto - Forchids (2013)

Love this intro; wish it went right into something killer instead of dying out. Some quality parts, but feels a little too patchwork stitched.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Alarmist - Pal Magnet (2013)

Can we form a committee and talk about how
funtastic this new Alarmist album is?

Why isn't everyone losing their minds over this?

Why are you still reading?!



The Metacarpals - Untitled 1

I'm going to climb onto this rickety limb over here and guess this is a demo...ok fair enough. So why am I talking about this? well because i want....nay I NEEEED the real drums going on here. Guitars have that familiar/ nostalgic hue thats got me hook lined. So yea give me more, give me real, or give me death.


Radiant Republic - Three Against Four (2013)

Miss me? well shoot I missed yall.

Things have been kinda crazy over at casa d'acerola so without further rambling I have to say I have been enchanted for a bit with the fine groups on Sick Room Records. Why should all you fine people of discerning taste care? Well let'ss just say that it's run by former Sweep the Leg Johnny members; that should be enough to get you to listen to anything and everything going on there.

One such group, Radiant Republic, is doing a hell of a job revamping some old discord-era sounds and spinning them into a much noisier and mathier arrangement. Singing is a little plain jane but you ain't riding this pony for soaring power ballad vox, just sweet sweet twists and turns. It's great to hear a self-assured group playing their own way and making sure that pants get rocked in the process. Huge win on this one.