Sunday, November 3, 2013

Radiant Republic - Three Against Four (2013)

Miss me? well shoot I missed yall.

Things have been kinda crazy over at casa d'acerola so without further rambling I have to say I have been enchanted for a bit with the fine groups on Sick Room Records. Why should all you fine people of discerning taste care? Well let'ss just say that it's run by former Sweep the Leg Johnny members; that should be enough to get you to listen to anything and everything going on there.

One such group, Radiant Republic, is doing a hell of a job revamping some old discord-era sounds and spinning them into a much noisier and mathier arrangement. Singing is a little plain jane but you ain't riding this pony for soaring power ballad vox, just sweet sweet twists and turns. It's great to hear a self-assured group playing their own way and making sure that pants get rocked in the process. Huge win on this one.


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