Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Prophet Nathan - Secret Teachings (2013)

Nashville sons The Prophet Nathan have thankfully dropped their newest release on us today. It's their first proper full length in a hot minute so it's been one I have been patiently waiting on. Since last time we heard them, they have added a bassist which has helped flesh out some of their songs a bit more. Hoping that this release proves to be the kick that these guys need because they are a pure treat and more people should be aware of their majesty. Alternative metal bent to the side while math rock hangs heavy. What I've always enjoyed was their use of space to either bring focus or to just dial back the speed a bit to focus on the vocals. Speaking of which the vocals are much more present and stronger towards the end of the disc which is certainly welcomed.  Highly recommend this release to any man, woman or beast. Been listening to this on repeat all afternoon.

The Prophet Nathan

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