Thursday, November 19, 2015

The week in new stuff....

Im a sucker for bakery fresh bread and as such I generally like my music the same....


Deerthrone - Broken Mirror
A reminder of simple/tight song writing in a 3 man set up. Its wistful and contemplative mid tempo songs are always engaging. occasionally flirting with math riffage but generally a lyrically driven post-rock/alt rock mood. Just different enough to make a nice impression.

Kairos Theos - Self Titled
For a new group...and at only three strong these Texans make a strong case for their blend of post-hardcore and jazz fusion. Its quick and busy but never needlessly complicated like a lot of young groups these days. Vocals are varied and add a lot to the music. Its certainly an in vogue style but Karios stay true and craft an impressive first release.

Low Cloud - Do You See Me As I See You?
Toronto always seems ripe with interesting tap happy math's.
Memorable and interesting riffs with suitably capable vocals. I'd like to say its the fantastic combination of catchy melodies and winding rhythms that create such a compelling story.