Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wishbone - Et Cetera (2012)

I am a large dork for anything progressive and post-hardcore. To make a long boring story short I was just listening to this new (ish) release by a band from South Jersey called Wishbone that fires on all cylinders. Has a little bit of mathy elements but check your bags at the door this is some nasty post-hardcore with inspired structures and solid vox.

et cetera

Hello Jupiter - Do I Dare.. (2012)

These three gentlemen have managed to release a formidable EP here. Truthfully I've been holding this one close to my chest...its a stunner. Surprised I haven't seen more math bro's hoisting the main sails for this. Technical instrumentally without being annoying?, check.  This is even pretty vocal heavy as well and as you could guess its floats without a hitch. Maybe what I appreciate most is its very obvious restless nature. From point to point pleasantly wonderful curveballs get thrown in but they never seem out of place. Stop and listen, it's been a minute since I've taken in something this assured in the math pop/rock realm. 


ps: that freaking first song....jesust so good.