Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gaston - What Time Does Your Train Leave Today (2004)

As promised, I am upping this incredible post-rock group from Berlin called Gaston. Some deep jazz roots and an amazing compositional sense run through this album. The best part? The atmosphere that is built around each idea until it seemingly melts away, only to reform. A trait lacking in a lot groups that try to write ambient tunes from a math rock perspective.

What Time Does Your Train Leave Today

Do nascimiento - Do nascimiento (2011)

Confession time: I am a math rock hoarder.

It finally feels good to get that off my chest. So now that a team of trained individuals are twisting my arm, I am emptying my back catalog of tasty math from years past. First stop — Italy. 

Do Nascimiento are an impassioned bunch of gents with lots of high energy old school "emo-ness". A bit in the realm of that Philly sound but unhinged vocally (in a good way). Instrumentally you've heard this before, but it's honest work and they do try a couple different approaches here and there.

Quality stuff, but I do tend to like more creative juices dripping from this stuff.

(Bonus points for the pele nod)