Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bear Bones - Seat Save Infinity (2011)

Bear Bones is Mike Osso (guitarist from Father Figure) so automatically you've got a possibility that this is going to be freaking sweet is by the way.

Again we've got the electronic aspects on full display but really this to me smacks of some modern day Jazz Fusion...albeit one functioning on a creative level rather than knocking on old mahavishnu's door.
Lets just say this is a bit of a departure on the surface from Father Figure, but peel back the rind and you do have some similarities.

Testimonials from my children:

"It sounded like a video game at first then it changed to some really good music. It sounded kinda weird...not really weird but when it changed it sounded like something on the radio"
Oni (8 years old)

"Maybe its from a game boy game? I thought it was cool"
Maeson (4 years old)

"I liked it. It sounded like aliens were invading the earth"
Tatiana (7 years old)

Some confusing and glowing testimonial. But they all were dancing as they listened so mission accomplished.

Bear Bones

Falcon Punch!

Seems like we are straying further and further from "traditional" math rock. This is by all accounts some pretty straight up electronic style bizz. But it has a nice organic instrumentality that is at times pretty jazzy (throw in mention of math rock here). So if this sort of thing tends to scare you off I can assure you there are plenty of things to like here with Falcon Punch!. Also worth noting is how has no one named their band Falcon Punch until now?


You've got your Dance Pop in my Math Rock

As you could guess by the title these are groups that utilize dance elements along with some mathy leanings. I make no such claims that this is a comprehensive list and these are just a couple groups that I haven't mentioned before that are worth noting. Be aware that the term "math" in this instance is very loose and as such typically only feature portions of the genre....enjoy fellows and fellettes.

Moscow based post punk mathy dancers "Please Dance Hell Bear" drop some dance floor knowledge. Is this revolutionary? eh this kinda thing usually isn't but it grooves

Paris electro math popsters with a penchant for danceable rhythms.


Pennsylvania indie pop post punk with a titch of shimmy shaking.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Legs Like Tree Trunks - Future Reference (2012)

Pencil Vania based math popsters "Legs Like Tree Trunks" have unleashed their newest EP on our ears.  Their previous which I have been shamefully sitting on for too long was a pretty sure footed effort to be sure.


Its got that nice gentle pacing with excellent mathy guitar interplay and some nice little twists while still keeping a leg in some accessible pop territory. Loads of bands are currently navigating in this territory and I can say that LLTT have as firm a grasp as I've heard lately.

(me)What I can't shake and this I believe to be to their credit reminds me of Maps and Atlases a bit

(other me).......who? O you mean the now current pop/classic rock band Maps and Atlases?

(me) No No Before that! long ago they used to be math pop...sigh...
this just has that old maps feeling a bit. nothing samey just in spirit. 

Enough comparing because these kitties stand on their own without the finger pointing. Emotional stuff at that I should mention, some really lifting vocal melodies. This is, as I have said before, a difficult feature of the genre. On this release they have absolutely nailed the landing and should be receiving some glowing praise from the judges.

This Judge is giving them 4 3/4 california rolls out of 5. I ate the other quarter.

Future Reference (2012)

Penguinsmeat - 2 +1 (2012)

Seriously this track off of Penguinsmeat's new release slay's cockatrices and dark mages..

(Authors note: I have noticed eating while reviewing has leaked some food vernacular into print...seems as though anime isn't helping either.)

ANYWAY yes this three piece from Russia is awesome. They are builders songwriting wise, but truly the payoff's are sweet and expertly...executed.  Math Rock ala Post Rock Station with a layover at pedal ville. My musical ADD didn't even cause a fuss at all! (surprising).

Everyone should be paying attention because this is some wicked good biz. Hit them up.