Sunday, September 30, 2012

Legs Like Tree Trunks - Future Reference (2012)

Pencil Vania based math popsters "Legs Like Tree Trunks" have unleashed their newest EP on our ears.  Their previous which I have been shamefully sitting on for too long was a pretty sure footed effort to be sure.


Its got that nice gentle pacing with excellent mathy guitar interplay and some nice little twists while still keeping a leg in some accessible pop territory. Loads of bands are currently navigating in this territory and I can say that LLTT have as firm a grasp as I've heard lately.

(me)What I can't shake and this I believe to be to their credit reminds me of Maps and Atlases a bit

(other me).......who? O you mean the now current pop/classic rock band Maps and Atlases?

(me) No No Before that! long ago they used to be math pop...sigh...
this just has that old maps feeling a bit. nothing samey just in spirit. 

Enough comparing because these kitties stand on their own without the finger pointing. Emotional stuff at that I should mention, some really lifting vocal melodies. This is, as I have said before, a difficult feature of the genre. On this release they have absolutely nailed the landing and should be receiving some glowing praise from the judges.

This Judge is giving them 4 3/4 california rolls out of 5. I ate the other quarter.

Future Reference (2012)

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  1. Fuck yo california rolls

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