Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bear Bones - Seat Save Infinity (2011)

Bear Bones is Mike Osso (guitarist from Father Figure) so automatically you've got a possibility that this is going to be freaking sweet is by the way.

Again we've got the electronic aspects on full display but really this to me smacks of some modern day Jazz Fusion...albeit one functioning on a creative level rather than knocking on old mahavishnu's door.
Lets just say this is a bit of a departure on the surface from Father Figure, but peel back the rind and you do have some similarities.

Testimonials from my children:

"It sounded like a video game at first then it changed to some really good music. It sounded kinda weird...not really weird but when it changed it sounded like something on the radio"
Oni (8 years old)

"Maybe its from a game boy game? I thought it was cool"
Maeson (4 years old)

"I liked it. It sounded like aliens were invading the earth"
Tatiana (7 years old)

Some confusing and glowing testimonial. But they all were dancing as they listened so mission accomplished.

Bear Bones

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