Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Picnics - See you in Sherwood (2012)

Beautiful dual acoustic folk that flirts with math style rhythms. Picnics is the kind of music that you can really get lost in. Really not much else to say other than if it sounds like your bag then hit it. Quality musics.
See you in sherwood_-_.Bandcamp_

Lydia's Sleep - Wires (2012)

 I was just ejected from my current seated position. 
By whom you may ask? 
Lydia's Sleep.
Now this is isn't a wholly math rock affair but that certainly should not detract from the proceedings. 
Alternative Math with post hardcore lite leanings and a dash of post rock. This is just incredibly well thought out structurally as well. So when these cats from Portugal make a turn its on a razor dime smacking your face. End result? an auto fist pump (tm.) Do I usually get all gushy about production values? mai non. However you could really make the case here though, crystal clear and punchy as all get out. Vocals are also really excellent too for something this instrumentally rich.
Much more people should be losing their minds listening to this....