Thursday, March 10, 2016

Castle Cats - Ice Locks (2016)

Castle Cats has the spit and polish of veteran group but seems to be largely the vision of one Brian Davis with some kit work by Ryan Berg. Both Brian and Ryan are instructors at "The School of Rock" in Downington PA. Its clear there are insane chops flying around the room but I'd say my interest lies in the compositions themselves. An electro/keyboard elements helps round out the sound and makes things very atmospheric. Something akin to a more updated 80's classic prog sound at times. Each song holds its own unique vision with moodier pieces thrown in for good measure. I have to say its some of the most immediately enjoyable rock I've heard in a good bit. Castle Cats provides a great technical base without feeling like your being clubbed over the head with knotty guitar work. It can be a hell of a lot of fun as well. Both Ice Locks and Dog Dungeon (somehow it actually sounds like a dungeon for dogs) really encapsulate the sort of prog I wish we could have more of in 2016.