Saturday, January 12, 2013

dedleaves (2012)

There's something incredibly charming about this 4 piece instrumental group from Baltimore...I dont know if I have hit on it just yet but I am really enjoying this first effort. I wouldn't classify this as math rock but there is plenty of rhythmic complexity for any mathnick to nod in satisfaction. Something that is missing from a good amount of progressive group's such as dedleaves is ATMOSPHERE. These guys have zero problem with that aspect and maybe thats what I can appreciate the most that makes them so special. Each song is structured interestingly as well moving seamlessly into new passages. Which pretty much brings us into the very clear post-rock end of this music.  Incredibly solid album. no duds. Grab this up. Loving it

Tommy Boys

bring a surprisingly well crafted song into existence. Instrumental High flying math rock guitars never rest on their laurels constantly shifting to bigger and better ideas.  Need more please

Dispo / Barberos - You vs Us / Us vs You

An interestingly paired split here that does share some similarities. Dispo's portion is more math rock bent but still has some electronic elements in common with Barberos. A harder pop sense also runs through their three songs, in fact I find it hard even to say "pop" really. Excellent rhythmic sense and pretty inventive vocal use. Would love to hear a full length for sure from these Italians. 

Barberos, as said before, is the more electronic minded end but still brings in some interesting rhythms as well. The last song is a bit long....which I dont normally gripe about but it loses the quick pace of the ep. I would have to hear at least one more song to grab a full opinion but UK based Barberos do hold their own very well. 

Dear Mister Manager - Siegried Vs. the Giant (2012)

If memory serves me one of our swords bloggers played with these guys at some point? not math rock btw but in that progressive rock mind set. Very enjoyable post-hardcore progressive mix from Seattle with nice vocals. Occasionally they get a bit technical but I'd say the hallmark of whats going on here is the song structures. Chckit.