Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dispo / Barberos - You vs Us / Us vs You

An interestingly paired split here that does share some similarities. Dispo's portion is more math rock bent but still has some electronic elements in common with Barberos. A harder pop sense also runs through their three songs, in fact I find it hard even to say "pop" really. Excellent rhythmic sense and pretty inventive vocal use. Would love to hear a full length for sure from these Italians. 

Barberos, as said before, is the more electronic minded end but still brings in some interesting rhythms as well. The last song is a bit long....which I dont normally gripe about but it loses the quick pace of the ep. I would have to hear at least one more song to grab a full opinion but UK based Barberos do hold their own very well. 


  1. Dispo has realeased full length in 2009. It is called Dispositivoperilanciobliquodiunasferetta ‎– Rembrandt Era Eccezionale
    But I am unable to get it for a looong time...

  2. The difficult thing about this band was they kept changing how they spelt their name.
    I think there was a demo as well.(or myspace tracks.

  3. Really digging the Dispo side of this split. Those Barberos tracks are just boring.

  4. hmmm poor detective work on my part