Saturday, June 15, 2013

If I Look Strong; You Look Strong - if i look strong; you look strong (2012)

Been holding this gem pretty close to my belt. Coming from Canada and largely a solo project of one Noah Michael this beast is restless. In some ways this project is like some kind of alternate dimension version of AM Overcast. I say this because both groups have a preoccupation with math-pop and pop-punk.  Not only that but each group has solid grasp on song length (ie short) So why exactly are we here then? to re-hash? not here at the swords. The divergent qualities are what truly make IILS:YLS shine in my opinion. Experimental, noisey, break neck turns and occasionally throw in some heavy break downs.  Mixing these elements in with math-pop shouldn't work but like I said short song lengths and incredible execution keeps the flags flying high. Wonderful stuff.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Apocalipsis - Expansion (2012)

In the mood for some post-metal via math from Mexico? :)

Kawri's Whisper - EP (2012)

Hailing from St. Petersburg Russia, Kawri's Whisper demonstrates an incredible understanding of balance. That is to say between completely indulging in prog excess and time shifting math rock. It's a pretty fair cut down the middle and done with the right amount of heart that shines through. Instrumental in nature as well there is atmosphere built from song to song. It looks as though via there facebook page that they have some newer stuff on the horizon because this EP is just the first few bites of a meal I need to finish. Really enjoying this.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Indurain - Indurain

Got very little info on this here band.. What I do know is they make some pretty cool tunes. Mostly instrumental bar the odd murmurs and a few shouty moments. Mathy? yep and with that comes a nice dose of noise and a healthy splash of post-hardcore moments. The whole thing has a kind of post-rock to post-metal kinda vibe, though no real build ups with the twists coming in at the right times. They managed to slip this one under the radar too, released all the way back in January '12.. Indurain