Saturday, June 15, 2013

If I Look Strong; You Look Strong - if i look strong; you look strong (2012)

Been holding this gem pretty close to my belt. Coming from Canada and largely a solo project of one Noah Michael this beast is restless. In some ways this project is like some kind of alternate dimension version of AM Overcast. I say this because both groups have a preoccupation with math-pop and pop-punk.  Not only that but each group has solid grasp on song length (ie short) So why exactly are we here then? to re-hash? not here at the swords. The divergent qualities are what truly make IILS:YLS shine in my opinion. Experimental, noisey, break neck turns and occasionally throw in some heavy break downs.  Mixing these elements in with math-pop shouldn't work but like I said short song lengths and incredible execution keeps the flags flying high. Wonderful stuff.

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