Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gastric Band - Party Feel (2012)

Get wise to this serious noise dear fellows and fellettes. Glasgow based group release their first effort and I can say this with some certainty that...wait for it....


Why the expletive? well just give me a moment of your time. It may be a bit hasty to call this fantastic group Math Rock. I suppose it fits on the surface , but this is very much a progressive rock affair with some axis shifting rhythms. MORE ABOUT THESE RHYTHMS! yea these cats are clearly in some island nations coping world music vibes. Krautrock is maybe another genre identifier we could throw in as far as the repetitive shifts in the songwriting. Did I mention the awesome rhythms? 

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Duck. Little Brother, Duck! - Don't Take Our Filth Away (2012)

Hey Kitties.  Its been long enough since these Portland natives have carved post hardcore math out of the earth like enchanted golems.  If your not "in the know" to them I suggest you allow us to enlighten your mind and expand your

Anywho yes this means new Duck. Little Brother, Duck! is here. and from my first few cursory listens I'd say this is going to be one hell of a release.

Don't Take Our Filth Away

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dear Human

If you missed them the first go around then heres your chance to look into Texas based Dear Human. Yes sadly they called it quits last year but that should not deter you from enjoying this grand bit of time bending.

Yes they've got your dual guitar attack with a fair bit of original riffage to keep the kids interested but what ends up hitting you in the jaw right away into the fight are the drums. Specifically the double bass. It can be a fickle mistress and if used improperly (or too excessively) can turn your once great band into a sloppy cram jam of blast beats. Kit man Casey Nalley reigns it in when need and keeps it generally speaking tasteful but no less impressive. This is something that everyone should be on board for.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

fago.sepia - split w/gulfer

Lets get this small piece of info out of the way first. For my money (however little there always seems to be) fago.sepia is pound for pound one of the greatest math groups going right now. Their attention to melody, compositional restlessness and technicality always has me coming back. Its no surprise that this split with Montreal based Gulfer is so SPOT on. Not to snub Gulfer in any way they've deff got some nice math pop going for them.


Toast - EP

Hey all just want to keep everyone on point on this new joint from LA. Giving you another superb reason to love toast, these LA bred Math Rocktionists tear through a solid EP of incredibly labyrinthine gems.  You may have seen or will be seeing these guys pop up the reason being because this is some clean math no filler.