Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bastard Eye Scream - Jenova Drinks Colours (2013)

Even 2 seconds in this hits you with a ten ton brink of awesome. O but then the vocals come in and the sweetness multiplies. 
This is post-hardcore herky jerk jazz dripping with math rock instrumentation. Technical yet with a healthy groove and a surprising pop sense. I can't imagine anyone that frequents these here pages not to like this
I think I may have a new favorite.

Red Red Run - Roommates (2012)

Another 2012 hold over 
sadly only one track
however an incredibly solid one at that. 
completely restless instrumental math rock.
some nice pedal work. tid bit of post rock elements as well
More please?

True Aristocrats - Mary Amygdala (2013)

(From Submission)

For the hours I put in combing the interwebs for interesting maths sometimes the best is delivered right to me. True Aristocrats is one such that right off the bat impresses with its inability to be pegged. Is it Mathy? very much so. Most importantly though are the many other complimentary sounds. Electronic elements, bits of noise and a general sense of experimentation rule roost here. Very much wish I ran into more groups that push themselves like this. 
Its also worth saying that those drums are all of the map of awesome town.
Its in everyones best interest to at least give it a look.

Dull Blade: Daft Punk- Discovery (2001)

I had never really known what to make of Daft Punk until recently. I was under the false impression that they had been around since the early 2000s, were maybe some kind of Moby or Fatboy Slim that I had never paid attention to, and that they had written that Harder Better Faster Stronger song. That was the extent of my knowledge, and then the other day the Internet provided me with an excellent looped gif/ music mashup of both Ron Swanson (from Parks and Recreation) drunk dancing to a sample of the 15 second teaser Daft Punk released of a new song. It is excellent. After going back to watch/ listen to it a few times, I started digging.

I ended up with their second album, Discovery. The first thing that surprised me in reading about the band was that not only do these two fools produce everything, but also play a majority of the instruments as well as sing (the often times heavily vocoded, choppy and robotic) vocals. When tracks like Digital Love and Something About Us came on, I was pleasantly surprised to hear verses and choruses as well as some pretty tasty harmonies. Most of those elements are lacking in the typical techno styles I was expecting to hear, and although a majority of the 14 songs on the album fall between the 3-5 minute mark, the album as a whole flows very naturally from track to track, as most good techno accomplishes with less tracks in longer durations. It is a satisfying listen, and more than anything I have found it to be some incredibly great spring time music.

I was also quite surprised to learn that the 2nd to last track, Face to Face, was not released as a single. It is definitely my favorite track on the album. Amazing production, great instrumentation, and really catchy vocals. Its been stuck in my head nonstop for days. Under the video for Face to Face, I also included their first album, 1997s Homework. Im just starting to listen, and although it is much more of a techno/ house album, its nice seeing how they evolved to the awesomeness of Discovery with tracks like Around the World. Bonus points go to the band for collaborating with an animation studio and director in turning their concept album into a full feature anime with the music serving as both narration and soundtrack. Blam:


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pjaro - Why is No One Here (2013)

Pjaro is a two piece with some heart and an impressive amount of chops to match. Mostly instrumental but with the occational addition of tasteful vocals. There is something very familiar about these guys but in a nostalgic way like how classic indie rock gets you. Each song is very much its own animal but while still keeping with their own flavor. From slow burners to some pretty technical speedier fare the more I listen the more I become hooked. This should be on everyones check out list. Well worth your time. 

Gulfer - Transcendals (2013)

Montreal based Gulfer have landed a clean left hook to the jaw. 
That is to say with last years split with fellow Canadians Fago. Sepia  well behind them these five songs are not only stronger but more self assured. Vocals are gruffly sung in a charming way that will remind many of the better moments of your favorite indie emo group. Couple that with some incredibly nimble tapping and drum workouts and its a 5 star dish waiting for your face. Stand out tracks are "Tiki Marathon" and the closer "Shoreline". Heres my deal with last songs. If you can nail the closer, it brings everything before it back into focus. Gulfer pull it off. This release easily slides them in the realm of great current math groups. Also it looks like they have a pretty heavy summer tour planned with Vesudeva. See you then guys.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

metaghostin' Vol. XVI - Ossification vs. Reification

Ossification vs. Reification - 43'15"

  1. Goon / rara avis / rara avis (2012)
  2. Hoods Up / Legs Like Tree Trunks / Future Reference (2012)
  3. The Bad Place / Godzilla Black / Godzilla Black (2010) (Link NSFW - Cartoon Titties)
  4. Brad Shitt / Gastric Band / Party Feel (2012)
  5. Passive Defence / Hawks & Oxen / Shadow Matter (2011)
  6. Living as Ghosts / Likes Lions / First the Head, Later the Tale (2012)
  7. Ghost Wail / Stomacher / Sentimental Education (2009)
  8. Give Up Your Ghost / Losses / DEMOS (2012)
  9. 天狗 / Zazen Boys / Stories (2012)
  10. Talking With Planets / Jardín de la Croix / 187 Steps to Cross the Universe (2013)

This one's been a long time brewing, which meant I got to append this most ridiculous Jardín de la Croix math-epic at the end because sheeeeeeeeeeeeit.

As always, if you missed the original posting of the albums these songs are from, either search our archives or simply click the damn name in the tracklisting and it will either take you to the post or the bandcamp.