Sunday, March 13, 2011


It will not come as news to many that Squarepusher is one of the best IDM producers working. His songs are typically lush and melodic, with emphasis on outlandish super beats. He works in a lot of drum and bass, filling the space around it with nice warm pads and cool melodic synths. Dude works almost completely from his computer, but before he was producing his mindbending electronica, he was playing shitloads of bass. He usually preforms live with his laptop and bass, and his extensive jazz training certainly shines through in his harmonies.

This is a track from Ultravisitor, his most acclaimed work. Iambic 9 Poetry starts off as a live performance of a solo bass song, and then he overdubs some live drums and brings it to the studio where he fleshes out the repeating melody with lots of neat layers.

The biggest chunk of his work is all in-studio, so I feel like that isn't a proper representation of his sound. Most of his stuff is like My Red Hot Car, off his album Go Plastic. Just straight sick drum and bass with some nice sample cutting. Such intricate button pushing.

I dropped Ultravisitor for a link to get you started on his library, and figured i would include his Solo Electric Bass album as well, for those who might want to look at the musician behind the computer screen. And i do warn you, it is seriously virtuoso solo bass guitar.

solo electric bass

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