Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Funk Drummer Challenge-Ebu Gogo

First i suppose i should clarify and possibly change the criteria/ name of this posting challenge. We could easily change it to the Sick Drummer Challenge and no one would have any qualms with it. Lets just say to post songs with drum parts that kicks your ass especially hard, be it funk, emo, classical, neofusion, whathaveyou. I submit tonight my second entry to the challenge, one of my all time favorite drum and bass breakdowns.

British Knights in Miami by ninko

This is an Ebu Gogo track off their album Worlds, one of my favorite albums in the last few years, and an especially sentimental favorite since the permanent hiatus of Gruvis Malt. Once the band had ended, Ebu Gogo was borne from their love for creating fun music together. British Knights in Miami is so damned sick and groovy. It starts simply enough with that bass line, but it spreads out and tightens up when the drums and keys enter, forming a nice groovy A section. An appropriately badass chorus comes in, but then soon, at 1:13, the sickness begins. The keys take main melody with a very precise catchy line, but in the background the bass and drums are working spectacularly together, accenting chords and harmonies that the keys are hitting. The unison work that the rhythm section adds to the chords the keyboards are hinting at mixes into a incredibly solid funky ass shitstorm. I love this track.

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