Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Troop of Echoes

Many rock groups "feature" "odd" instruments from time to time. Horns crop up, violins and piano are among the chosen favorite to spice up a group needing a push into the "interesting" direction. This brings me to the group we have before us, Providence RI 's post-rock crew A Troop of Echoes. They are not in the above mentioned category. Before I go any further let me just say there is an amazing level of instrumentation going on here and things are kept to the 9th degree of propulsive rock n roll. Stripped to just the main guitar, bass and drums this group would fair just fine, now enter saxophone. NOT FEATURING. Dude rips on sax and is right there front and center flying through scales and adding that lead instrument that it was always destined to be. This has been in fairly heavy rotation on my car trips for work.  Highly impressed with this 2010 release and expect more to come from these guys.

Days in Automation

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