Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rooftops - A Forest of Polarity

There might be about a million reasons why I can not stand the genre term "twinkle daddies" I'm fairly positive you can choose your own adventure on that one. Anywho, Rooftops are amazing. They play highly melodic math influenced instrumental indie rock. Sounds like a lot of whats out there on paper, but yes you'd be making an erroneous assumption.  This is some chilled shiz and even at its most complex structurally and instrumentally it retains a fun bouncy sensibility. What these folks do better than most is too not crowd their songs with useless wanking. I mean I enjoying useless wanking as much as the next guy but it gets old fast when everyone is about how many beats per measure you can fit into a song featuring alternating 19/16, 21/16 time signatures*. Back to the point however is that everyone should be checking out these guys. They also have a split they did which is super awesome as well.

*by the way the song that features those time signatures is Frank Zappa's "Keep it Greasy"

A Forest of Polarity


  1. That split with noumenon is totes free bizness:

    But yo, what's this twinkle daddy bullshit? Why dudes gotta come up with new genre signifiers that don't mean shit?

  2. album is tiiiight! thanks for the heads up on this