Thursday, March 17, 2011

Funky/Awesome Drummer Challenge - Da Purdie Shuffle

Something of a rite of passage when it comes to developing your chops and demonstrating competency with tasteful grooves and shifting subdivisions, the so-called "Purdie Shuffle" is one of the defining rhythms in modern music since the 70's, when Bernard Purdie was laying down the law for Steely Dan. All y'all drummers out there can surely attest to the fiendish subtleties that make this rhythm so smooth, so rich, so fulfilling; certainly it can't be mastered in a day or even a year. But anyway, as a sub-challenge to this Drummer Challenge, I want anyone to post their favorite example of this famous beat.

To start us off we got:

GrĂ¼vis Malt - Simon - Water Closet by Carved in Clouds

Oooof. So sick, keeping that shuffle time while nailing the bass punctuation with rack-tom accents. A wonderfully dynamic recording of one of my favorite drummers, Scott Mcphail, who sadly isn't working in music anymore to my knowledge.

As a bonus:

Battling The Years by Carved in Clouds

Reign of Kindo's Stephen Padin just dominating the kit per usual.

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  1. Aw hell yeah, gotta love the Gruvis action, we have to do a nice post for them sometime. They deserve some comprehensive coverage. And man i totally forgot about Reign of Kindo, that album is sick. Now i gotta do some Purdy digging. I didnt know that dudeman was in Steely Dan.