Sunday, March 13, 2011

Maps & Atlases

Maps & Atlases have had a very interesting rise and progression as far as math-pop bands go. With each release they have managed to dramatically scale back their math element and up their pop sense. While some might disagree, their greatest release marked them as a young and energetic band willing to make mistakes but also try some new things along the way. This album was Tree, Swallows, Houses and it features some amazing rhythmic gymnastics along with searing math pop guitars. Granted Dave Davison's vocals had yet to develop true strength as on You and Me and the Mountain or Perch Patchwork but they are good never the less. This is not to say they are inferior albums just not as adventurous. Check them all out to get a taste but I can almost bet dollars to donuts you will be coming back for tree, swallows, houses. Also of note their drummer is magically sack nasty. This fact will be evident within 4 seconds of any of their songs being played, thank you goodnight.

Edit: Ok so I dont mean to sound like such a grumpy bum. You and Me and the Mountain is pretty rump rocking and the production is light years better than tree, swallows, houses.


  1. You forget to mention that Perch Patchwork is 80% nauseating poop.

  2. well saying something is "not adventurous" is my nice way of saying uninteresting. The cats out of the suitcase now, o well :)

  3. yeah man, i dig some Maps and Atlases, and i totally agree with what you said. The Ongoing Horrible is probably my favorite of their bunch, and i have not heard Perch Patchwork because of the negative review mike gave me after he got it.

    thats my shit right there. i love their drummer. Artichokes off YAMATM