Saturday, September 15, 2012

mike.curtin - Indecisive Euphoria (2012)

Ok so Darren at New Noise Archives posted this fine piece of math up the other day. Which before I get any further, people should go there and check his blog out. He clearly puts time and effort into finding these bands, its good stuff.

Anywho Mike Curtin solo math rock stuff that is truly the voice of one man. Excellent production values and some really awesome structural progressions. Some electronic elements but this is math rock at its finest. Mark my words just one of those albums that should be getting major major props for sticking its neck out in places. You will not be ashamed when you bring this philly home, she's a beaut.


Grand Piano - $1000 (2012)

We know you enjoy the math but what about blues? country?  Alright I'm not throwing something totally off course here but listen this stuff is very much in love with those throw back styles. Yes they do manage to incorporate some sprightly guitar lines and interesting song structures. Some songs are decidedly more blues rock and others not so much. It is however still a very interesting and enjoyable listen. Very fitting vocals if I do say so myself.


Cartel Carnage - Incorporated (2012)

**You walk into a bar**

Classic metal is having an arm wrestling contest in the corner with Progressive rock....typical.

Front and center grabbing drinks of course is ol' drinking buddies J. Zorn and Mike P.

I did notice upon entering as well the atypical choice of music the DJ was playing...some sort of free jazz.

Interesting stuff here at the "Cartel Carnage"


Rara Avis - III (2012)

I am a large sucker for acoustic guitars...I know I have possibly said this in other posts but I really mean that with all my heart. This here Rara Avis should be the night cap to every single day of your life. Acoustic guitar duo that melts down a bit of folk conventions with spanish guitar and yes some light little mathy turns.  It's just straight up gorgeous stuff. Spread it on your ears then spread it to those around you.

III (2012) 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pneu - Highway to Health (2011)

Frantic, crazy, heavy chaos with some serious riffs, Pneu is 2 dudes from France who can play the shit out of their instruments. Really glad they had this album done by Kurt Ballou who just turns everything to gold. Really heavy gold.  A French hardcore/punk version of Hella, they are by far a worthy listen.

Our Brother The Native - Vows (2011)

Perhaps a little off the beaten path but grab your favorite walking staves and I will show you something that you will really enjoy.

Our Brother The Native appears to be the bulk responsibility of one Joshua Bertam hailing from Ann Arbour Michigan. A rotating cast of players help flesh out the rest.

Ambient yet busy with a strong pop sense. Group vocals play a large roll as well as a heavy percussion aspect. Structurally songs take twists and turns like a frantic orchestra. Instruments fly in and out oboe, strings, guitar who the hell knows half the time. Amidst this growing business there is a electronic glitch component that skews the proceedings even further with a cavalcade of samples. So what we get essentially is progressive baroque glitch pop? Now if I was just reading that I would say "well I need to hear what the hell that sounds like" You really should. This is some carefully crafted enjoyable musics right here.

Vows (2011)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cleft - Whale Bone (2012)

Off the path for a bit but I'm back on it to shell out the amazing Duo that is Cleft.

This is not your ordinary ram and jam rock duo. These gents from Manchester rip shirt up with wide powerful strokes and you will never question their motives. From a songwriting standpoint they can command their way around town surprisingly well for two people. Even when things cool it you'll never find yourself wishing for anything extra. I get a bit of an Adebisis Shank vibe in over all drive and pedal usage but if thats the comparison then props to them. Worthy of an extended ear listen.

whale bone

Healthy Fears - The Dreaded Diamond (2011)

Piano Jazz Folk
Female Vox
Mathy Rhythms
Fairly Complex Drums

Walkin that line hard. Certainly more folk based but some pretty great stuff. bit of a change up. Anything up there sound neato? eh? well give it a shot. Can come across straight forward in places but hey I'm all about grabbing the cat on the limb, what? more coffee? yes please.

The Dreaded Diamond

Victor Villarreal - Invisible Cinema (2012)

Arguable in that Victor is one of the few humans that you can directly sight (among a few chosen others) responsible for the molding of what we have as ...cough ...cough "current math rock"

invis cine

Ruins-alone - Ruins-alone (2011)

Im not the largest fan of going backwards in my observations of this lovely genre. When I do its for a damn good reason.


Hopefully at this time you are nodding your heads thinking
"yes Tatsuya from mega amazing Japanese math duo Ruins"

Or perhaps remembering a previous post

Anyway I'm done smacking. Check this out.
Jesus this dude loves his Magma.

Ruins Alone

Self-Evident - Endings (2009)

New album out. Clicky the bandcamp link. Back to you CJ...

1 litre Don Cab, a dash of Shipping News, half a cup of Faraquet, 34grams Japandi and a sprinkle or two of  Tool or A Perfect Circle maybe?!

Every track on this is a gem. Some great live vids on Youtube too!

A math-rock fav of mine! this album never grows old on me. Can't wait for their new release later this year on the wonderful Stiff Slack Records.