Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our Brother The Native - Vows (2011)

Perhaps a little off the beaten path but grab your favorite walking staves and I will show you something that you will really enjoy.

Our Brother The Native appears to be the bulk responsibility of one Joshua Bertam hailing from Ann Arbour Michigan. A rotating cast of players help flesh out the rest.

Ambient yet busy with a strong pop sense. Group vocals play a large roll as well as a heavy percussion aspect. Structurally songs take twists and turns like a frantic orchestra. Instruments fly in and out oboe, strings, guitar who the hell knows half the time. Amidst this growing business there is a electronic glitch component that skews the proceedings even further with a cavalcade of samples. So what we get essentially is progressive baroque glitch pop? Now if I was just reading that I would say "well I need to hear what the hell that sounds like" You really should. This is some carefully crafted enjoyable musics right here.

Vows (2011)

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