Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kaki King

Solo acoustic guitar music to some may call to mind some pretty horrid thoughts. Im here to tell you that this is just not entirely the truth. Take for example miss Kaki King. A one time street musician, blue man group composer and now accomplished solo artist she is on her own level. Clearly inspired by the greats such as Micheal Hedges and crew of that ilk there is a fierce emotional nature not easily found in her contemporaries. Finger style guitar playing with all the percussive force you likely crave (or is it just me?) Anywhere is a great place to start but the below two are where I first fell in love and I know you will too.

Legs to Make Us Longer

Everybody Loves You


  1. I don't really like Kaki King or the Japanese dish Kaki, which is like deep fried cod semen or something gross like that.

    I have no problem with acoustic guitar music though. I just think she's a mixed bag.

    And uh, it should be obvious that deep fried cod semen is disgusting.

  2. this is definitely the right place to start with kaki; i got her 3rd album Red, and did not dig it half as much as these first two. she started adding vocals and bass/drums etc, and it only took away from the awesomeness she was doing on guitar. i hear shes coming out with a new album soon... hm..

  3. acey, i had to add the video for Playing With Pink Noise in this post; this shit was the first thing i heard/saw of hers, and it blew me away completely and made me leave my house immediately to go buy the album. hope you dont mind :)

  4. also, aint no party like a deep fried cod semen party!