Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ill Movie Corner- Paprika

I wanted to do a little something different and post a movie i have dug since metaghost and i saw it in theaters, a truly great anime about dream combat, Satoshi Kons 2006 film Paprika. In it, a scientist working with therapists creates a device that enables the therapists to record a patients dreams as visual data on a computer, and in the case of one of the therapists, whose dream name is Paprika, lets her enter the patients dreams and guide them. The device is stolen by a mystery man who terrorizes the minds of the characters experimenting with the devices, and the villain begins making the scientists and therapists unable to distinguish reality from their dreams. It is a mystery from this point on, where Paprika dives into this dream chaos and burrows her way into the source of the evil. Epic stuff.

The opening credits are what i want to share with you; they come after an opening scene in which Paprika enters a detectives dreams to help him solve an emotional conflict dealing with a case he didnt solve. She guides him from dream scene to dream scene, trying to help him get deeper into his issues. They come out of the dream together in an apartment, and at that point you still do not know if what you are seeing is part of the dream, or reality. When the woman hands the detective a card, it says Paprika on it, and you know you are still witnessing a dream; then this happens:

Favorite opening credits of all time. Just in case you want something else to spur your interests, heres the theatrical trailer for this madness. The same song from the opening credits is used here, with another song from the soundtrack serving as the intro, but its such a damn good electropop track, it works wonderfully in both. Plus this shit is in 720 hd.

paprika (trailer)

paprika (film)

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