Sunday, April 10, 2011

This Music Moment-2005

This one might be short but sweet, cuz its late and i should go to bed.

I remember this one nice day a while back, talking to a lovely girl i kind of knew from highschool up on the facebook chat, reconnecting with her electronically and sharing some music. At the time, a bunch of the songs she showed me were unknown, but quickly went on to be huge. The best two examples of the stuff she was showing me was Sweet Disposition by the Temper Trap, that song heavily featured first in the 500 Days of Summer trailer, and then in commercials all over; and then 1901 by Phoenix. Although this came in a prior conversation, this girl was on the ball. So she also showed me my first Feist, who i was only vaguely familiar with her and her work in Broken Social Scene. Who knew this incredibly cute chick was writing incredibly cute pop music with soul, and working effortlessly; her first two albums have been released within years of each other, but she hasnt released anything recently. Hmm..

So on that lovely facebook-chat-filled night, she showed me Mushaboom, off Feists first solo album Let it Die. This is such a great pop song, and the video works so well with its theme. Its about making the best out of what you have, sung with such an uniquely optimistic voice. One of its deeper breezy lines, my favorite line in the song, goes "And we'll collect the moments one by one/ i guess thats how the futures done". The video is just great. I like how she is singing along to her own song as if its on the radio, and then getting lost in it and floating into fantasy as she levitates down to the ground to join the dance party in the streets.

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