Thursday, April 14, 2011

O Lucky Man! - When I Was Young I Would Type Your Name Just to See It in Front of Me

 DUN DUN DUUUUUN! more math rock! these guys I believe are on hiatus at the moment. That does not change the fact that they are a very talented two piece. There are no looping pedals or extra blah blah on this one folks.  The drummer plays both drums and keyboard simultaneously which with the kind of skill he has is more than doable. What I find to be extremely interesting about O Lucky Man!  is there ability to transition from Hella style riffery to an almost straight indie rock approach. Again just one of those things that sounds odd on paper but does well in practice. Its deff. one of the more singular sounds in the genre so not to be missed out. Another nice aspect is the vocals which while lyrically could stand to be a bit better but do add to the structure of the pieces. Dont be thrown off by the album cover either there were no children harmed in the release (80% sure)

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  1. yo, thanks for writing about us! I saw that mix that one of the other writers put us on and figured i'd make sure you see this too: we still play music, we just changed the name of the band to Rural. working on a new album as i type this...

    ps. there are vocals for the track, we just haven't recorded them yet.