Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kidcrash - Jokes (2007)

Throughout there life span Kidcrash has had the pleasure of morphing their sound slightly with each release. In the end though they are mostly categorized under the blanket term post-hardcore. Extremely energetic and technical with some nice shouting vocals. Mathy with sharp edges. They have many releases but this has to be the most solid in the end. Normally this kind of stuff is a little off putting but kidcrash manages to up the technicality and lower the dramatic wailings often attributed to screamo/emo.....or dare I mention the term "skramz" blah. By the way someone tell me since when it is ok  that everyone and there brother now gets to make up genre names and they suddenly become legit. Wizard-core? gimme a break

Also a thank you Ninko for tearing shit up lately on the swords. May the mother bird float down and bestow you with golden fruit snacks of love.

Jokes (2007)


  1. Future linguists are gonna look back on this age of arbitrary classification and say "FUCK THESE DOUCHEBAGS I AINT SEE NO GODDAMN WIZARDS IN DIS FUCKIN BAND!"

    Then they the resume masturbating into ancient copies of the Oxford English Dictionary.

    That's the future.

  2. Well your right however wizardcore is more a term used for bands such as them roaring twenties and other hyper math groups. I was using it as more of an example.

  3. And how was I suppose to know that? Those bands don't have any goddamn wizards in them either.

    Jeez, brah.