Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Stay Lows - Signature Bridge

To find a decent post-rock band in my neck of the woods has seemingly been a tricky prospect. This 5 piece from Buffalo NY gives me exactly what I'm looking for in many ways. This isn't weepy explosions in the sky wait for it crescendo's but more consistent high's and low's. They play with math-rock a bit but mostly attempt to create interesting edgy post rock chamber pop. It could stand to be a little bit more of an individual in a crowded room and cello parts do help in this area but its mostly from a rhythmic stand point that some more thought should go in. Vocals do present themselves and are a welcome addition as well, more please. Atmospherically they actually do better than most. You get the feeling they are playing in some kind of dank cavern and thats always a cool thing.

Signature Bridge


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  3. dear maria,

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