Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nasty Drummer Challenge-Billy Martin

I told my good friend Vince about the Nasty Drummer Challenge, and the papa jo jones and whatnot that i had been posting, and he immediately chimed in with "shit man, has anyone posted some Billy Martin yet?" Until i looked up the music he was referring to, i hadnt even put it together that Billy Martin was the namesake from Medeski Martin and Wood, a band i have been familiar with but never read through their library. I always enjoyed the music that they put out, but after a year or so of not hearing their name, i was unsure exactly what they sounded like. Vince recommended Hermeto's Daydream, track 1 from their 1992 album Notes from the Underground

Hermeto's Daydream by ninko

Although a majority of the jamming on this song is dissonant, the 3 piece really holds it together, and having such talented players makes a smaller band sound that much fuller. The keys rip it up, the bass holds it down, and those drums are tight as shit and travel all over the place. Real nice modern jazz; ill be checking the rest of the album soon.

notes from the underground

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