Saturday, February 16, 2013

inside//outside - inside//outside (2013)

lets take a stroll off the path for a moment. 
Brooklyn Trio inside//outside just dropped their deput and I've gotta say
right out of the gates its a dazzler. Truthfully this owes much more to Jazz / Jazz Fusion than math rock however that should not deter anyone. Electronic and post - rock elements as well make themselves known. Highly recommend if your into excellent jazz that is interested in pushing some boundaries. Very atmospheric. Very tasty. 

ps track three is like some kind of electro djent jazz monster. throwing a violin solo in the middle? genius. 

If you enjoy the process of sound entering your ears. this will make you smile so many times the outsides of your face might hurt.

Jardín De La Croix - Colorado Springs Single (2013)

New Jardín De La Croix!!

Be still my beating heart.
We got yer ass

Seriously incredible Instrumental prog math from Spain.
Only one song so far but its a killer

jardin de le croix

Friday, February 15, 2013

Taking Meds - Demo (2013)

A demo? 
more like a declaration.
This music is god damn charming. 
It enters the room like your best friend from 10 years ago, nary a step missed. 
Of course with your favorite drink in hand. 

Seriously insanely well developed alternative math pop. Is this popular? if not it should be on everyones watch list. A bit of a throw back to wonderful bands from math's more formative times during the 90's but very much updated. Self assured vocals, dime drop turns @#$%RQTF!! 
just listen to this
right now
its just that good 
im done writing 
 I need to listen 12 more times.


Hellekin Mascara - Wanna be Dino (2011)

not a lot of explanation needed.
post math

An Aesthetic Anaesthetic - Names (2012)

This Chicago group has some riffs to share. What kind? some post-metal for sure with
progressive rock structures and our very favorite math rock veneer over top. It makes for some really nice distorted instrumental rock with that right amount of attitude. I have to say that if a passages is moving a bit slow for ya just relax because these guys move through influences in the span of a song. Your always bound to come out on the other end with at least a couple awesome things. Will be very interested to see what they have in store next for our ears.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hooting Everywhere - Horse Parking (2012)

There are many things I am a large sucker for. 
One man math rock projects rate right up there

Hooting Everywhere is the work of one Devin Powers and as it states on the bandcamp
"Music written in the style of 90s indie emo."
So grease the gears on the time machine because this is going to take you back. Really well done obviously or we wouldn't all be here gathered around the ugh er interweb. Some mathy guitar's I would say though but if the words 90's or emo perked your ears then this is for you.  

A Far Off Reason - XXXXXXXXXX (2012)

Math Rock via France 

post-rock type builds going on here as far as layering but very much math rock oriented. The horns and strings that are featured really help flesh the sound out as well. No down time on this one all kinds of action. 

Zeus! - Opera (2013)

The wait is over.

This has been on my anticipated list for awhile now and I must say "worth it" all the way. 
For those that are not familiar Zeus! is an Italian two piece that follows no guiding star. Math rock rhythms snuggle up to industrial hardcore sized riffs and screaming. But it'd be too easy to end it there but there are a lot of progressive rock elements scattered about as well. Some brutal stuff to be sure and maybe not everyones tea. Give it a shot there are some wonderful moments in this full length. Two pieces usually scare me off but these guys have locked it down so hard you can not deny their power.