Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jardín de la Croix - Ocean Cosmonauts

Effortless. That is about the best I could possibly come up with.  There are groups out there right now trying very hard to do this exact shtick, everyone of them fall short. Jardín de la Croix is indeed from Madrid Spain yet there is very little here that tips their hands to this fact.  You hate to even break something this self assured into a category but its progressive and instrumental to be sure. Mathy? yea like more than a little. Some classy as fuck tapping? it litters the landscape. The kicker is each of these are balanced in such a way that nothing is over cooked or too rare. What I will say that gives it a nice edge without losing step is the clear metal influence going on here. No you wont find a chugging break down going on but more in spirit. Every god forsaken instrument here is playing a vital role in the furthering of each passage.  Structure wise you'll be listening intently to see where the hell these guys are going next. truthfully I was stuck on the first two songs for so long because it wasn't making sense how flawless this really is. Yes I did say flawless and you know what that means.....stop reading and get to get getting.  

Ocean Cosmonauts


  1. these guys are fucking sick. cheers for this!

  2. you can say that again Eddie.

  3. Dudeguybros, this stuff is rad. And just so y'all who hate the mediafirewhatever know, Jardin de la Croix has both their albums available for free download on their website.