Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ol' Dirty Bastard- Return to the 36 Chambers 1995

Tonight, I got to see an incredibly intense hockey game in small company at my friend Nates house, where during the breaks i would talk hiphop with my man greg v. Since i started listening to all this wu-tang/ dr. dre, greg has told me the next step is checking out ODBs first solo album, Return to the 36 Chambers. Shit has songs like Shimmy Shimmy Ya and Brooklyn Zoo, and was a necessary next step.

I got home from victory, putting the Bruins into the finals since 1990! Right when all this great action was being formulated. Return to.. came out in 1995, and was a very tight album by the original members, back when wu-tang was created by RZA, GZA and ODB as cousins interested in making hiphop together. It shows how tight these 3 work together, but moreso how well RZA could produce an album, and that the addition of the other members of the wu-tang crew only expanded his sound on the MC level; his skills on the mixing board (not to mention loop digging) provide the atmosphere and rhythm that the wu-tang clan fed off of. I mean, any legit MC would never have balked at rhyming over a jam like Brooklyn Zoo, right?

return to the 36 chambers

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