Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Telekinesis- 12 Desperate Straight Lines 2011

Lately, i have been posting more hiphop than anything else, and i feel it is at the point that i should post something different; although the majority of my music lately has been greatly influenced by my friends recommendations in the hip hop world, i have recently got a bunch of stuff worthy of sharing. Videos to follow: i picked up a Sam Cooke retrospective album, full of forgotten goodies from my childhood; i picked up some Sloan, a band i am unfamiliar with but i bought on a whim off another glowing review on the AV Club; and the one hitting my stereo most frequently, Telekinesis.

Again, i read a great review of his most recent album and neglected it for a few months, and on a random trip to newbury comics i picked up 12 Straight Desperate Lines. The credits on the album are split between Michael Lerner and Chris Wallace, with lerner writing most of the music and wallace coming in on auxiliary instruments. If this was a bedroom-studio album, its a gem in the art form; it plays like Weezer meets Elliot Smith. Just great, catchy simple rock pop with nice vocals and production. Please Ask For Help is a single from it, and i do say it rocks:

12 desperate straight lines

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  1. Bro, you stay buying the most disposable poop thanks to AV club reviews.

    This is one of those gems that will revert back to a turd one month from now, once you realize you're sick of homeboy's voice and unimaginative chord progressions.