Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ghosts of Sailors at Sea - The Skeleton Coast (2013)

We've got a few PoS members from the Boston area so its not uncommon for us to cover music from the area more so than others. Im usually last to the party but lately I've been tirelessly researching 90's math rock based in Boston for a doozy of a post coming up and I ran across a current group I am highly enjoying.  

Ghosts of Sailors at Sea are like a torrent of instrumental math but never too off the wall. What hits me right off the bat is those dual guitars laying down some incredibly tight riffs. Its certainly rocking all the way through and never lets up not even for a moment. Transitions? seemless. Now thats the mark of a truly great math rock group.

Ghosts of Sailors at Sea

Thursday, January 2, 2014

1/5/14 Ithaca NY (The Haunt) Moonstriker, The Changing Light, MTMTM, Yakbak, Alberto Alaska

Hey guys first great show of 2014 alert and its a doozie. Five groups that all run the range from math to punk to psych rock to post hardcore BUT all sharing the common ground of progressive flair. Sadly I can not make it out However that shouldn't stop anyone in the NY, PA or Jersey area's to pop in for this. Its at the always excellent Haunt as well too so plenty of room. click below to get a taste sensation of each group.

MoonStriker (PA) (prog space rock)

The Changing Light (PA) (prog psych post hardcore)

Alberto Alaska (NY) (alt post rock)

MTMTM (NY) (math rock)

Yakbak (NY) (math punkers)

Monday, December 30, 2013

JETPACK - S/T - 1999

This fall, I started playing with a few dudes from Sick Electric (Haywire is one of my favorite albums).  They’ve been around playing music for a little longer than I have.  Jimmy (the guitarist/vocalist) knows I’m pretty deep into the maths, and he dropped a major nugget on me:  Jetpack’s one and only full-length album, released in 1999. 

“Who is Jetpack?”, you may ask.  Jetpack is Keith Souza’s band from the late ‘90s.  “OK, but who is Keith Souza?” 

Well:  have you heard Battles’s Mirrored?  Fang Island’s Fang Island?  The Body?  The Psychic Paramount?  Lightning Bolt?  Neptune?  Daughters?  Tyondai Braxton’s Central Market?  Six Finger Satellite?  The Chinese Stars?  Yeah.  Keith Souza recorded all of those at his studio, Machines with Magnets. 

“Well that’s all well and good, but what does the thing actually sound like?”  You’re pretty insistent with the questions there, chief.  But trust me, the thing sounds fucking awesome.  Angular riffs.  Fuzz bass.  Strained vocal harmonies.  Weird songs.  Snaky grooves.  You’re gonna want to listen to this thing over and over and over and over and over. 

Jetpack has no internet presence whatsoever, and it seems like the only way to get this sweet, sweet album is through your good friends at Plenty of Swords!