Saturday, April 13, 2013

Facing - October (2013)

**(Throws Hands Up in Jubilation***

You could honestly dice this track up and make almost make an entire amazing album. It is a lot of differing styles but done so correctly that they blend like they were always meant to sit next to each other at the dinner table....and what a god damn spread it is! I'm not going to divulge exactly how its set up because I feel like that ruins the fun a bit on this one. As you may know I'm not a large fan of posting one track bizz unless it really is worthy. Trust that this is something everyone should be listening to and on the lookout for more. A Dublin based artist that has a bright future ahead surely, best new music I've heard in a minute.

I dare you to only listen to this once :)


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sounds like Braille - Right Out of Left Field, Straight to the Middle of Nowhere (2004)

Yes I know what you might be thinking...

When was the last time I posted something not within the last couple years?!

2004's truly wonderful album by Sounds Like Braille is a group that has many influences but honestly they are very much their own animal. Be clear that this is not incredibly busy math rock. It does have early 90's throwback feel to it occasionally and the songs are structured more along the lines of classical composition and post-rock not too mention the clear jazz influence. The hair does get let down to rock on a good amount of these songs.On the whole however its the pace is kept at a medium while allowing room for the instruments to tangle. Im not going to spend an absurd amount of time on this just know that this is a unique listen and a highly rewarding one at that. It is in my opinion a group that rarely gets the props they deserve so hopefully this brings a few more peeps in their direction.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

TK - Flower (from the Album Flowering)

I'm thinking about starting a video thing every now and again of awesome math rock that I cant find proper on the tube.

This is the solo work of TK the guitarist of Ling Tosite Sigure.  It is a bit like LTS but more personal and ambient while keeping the same frantic math rock nature.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cordyceps - Fragmented Structures (2011)

Cordyceps is a Belgian two-piece that marries some interesting elements. Electronic music along side live guitars.  The rhythms are mathy but you could also argue that its more of a case of glitch and breakcore with some pleasant guitars. Dont be fooled though because this is worth the time to check into. You could easily dismiss this as gimmicky, as surface descriptions smack of such things.  Its not new by any means but its different enough and done with enough love that it deserves its spot certainly. Have to say as well that as is not usually the case the spoken word samples help add a great dynamic.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

No Metal in this Battle - Demo (2012)

Greetings a salutations Math heads I have been spending some quality time posting on the FANTASTIC math rock reddit page and highly recommend anyone unfamiliar to head over and give er a gander. 

Any who No Metal in this Battle are a four piece that hail from Luxemburg. Their style is post rock in structure with the jazz and math butted up alongside. To be honest I was not crazy about the first song and while its perfectly serviceable for what it just not enough to put over the edge.

The second song on the demo however struck me square center with all the emotional and instrument power I need. So its worth the listen truly even just for the second song. I am interested in what direction these guys will go but for now I've been stuck on this song :)