Monday, December 26, 2011

Dull Blades and Guilty Trades

This is a post for all of those albums of yester-year that creep in and out of your life like old friends. They could be albums you still enjoy but that you feel secret shame or just albums you have thus far in your life out grown. A lot of what we do here is to inform those of the new music that we discover whether through friends, file sharing, music sites, seeing live shoes, ect. But realistically these choices have all been informed by music of our past. I have invited each of our resident swordsmen to partake in this and hopefully we can have some fun.

As a side note to all of our readership: Please feel free to mock and laugh accordingly.


Osker - Idle Will Kill
(Pop-punk with bad vocals. Although isn't that built into the genre? Still surprisingly catchy)

AFI - Black Sails in the Sunset
(Some sort of punk, alt., emo glam beast. All of their records were pretty good.)

Juliana Theory - Love
(Catchy Alt - Prog-lite. Over produced and all the better for it.)

Thursday - Full Collapse
(Sadly one of my first intro's to post-hardcore. uninspired but very loud and dramatic about it. 16 year old me loves this)

Millencolin - Pennybridge Pioneers
(Catchy pop punk. so good)

Green Day - Dookie
(No link? because if your around my age you listened to this enough. my cassette of this broke because I listened to it too many times. true story)

Shootyz Groove - Jammin in Vicious Environments (RAP-METALLLLLLL!!!)
Another Society - S/T (Couldn't find a link. They were like... a Nirvana knockoff from Alabama or something)
self - Subliminal Plastic Motives (Pretty sure this was the first album I bought. Still kinda ok.)


blink 182- dude ranch (Dammit was the first song i NEEDED to learn)
metallica-..and justice for all (this is where my guitar teacher took me)
barenaked ladies- stunt (i also really dug this in middleschool)
phish-a live one pt1; pt2 (then i smoked pot and wound up here)
blues traveler-four (somewhere in the middle, i heard this)

korn- follow the leader (before smoking pot, i was angst-y)
limp bizkit- three dollar bill ya'll (and i really liked the finger tapping going on in this)

gruvis malt- sound soldiers (and then this happened)
sigur ros-agaetis byrjun (i got really into this at music school)
beastie boys- hello nasty (favorite hip hop of mine in 9th grade)



I was all about Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Garage a Trois, Dave Holland, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, and a local alt/emo band called Premonition. Actually I should post them soon. The only emo band I know that had a djembe.


  1. thanks for finding a proper, condensed venue for my flibbits, acey!

  2. I've always wondered, but never had the guts to actually check, if any of the Korn records somehow transcended the times.

    Like, I really loved that second album, whatever it was called. So much cussin', so much posturin', so many white dudes with dreadlocks.

  3. so glad i never had a rap rock phase. although wearing skate clothes with dc shoes and not having even a rudimentary idea of the skate board might be more embarrassing

  4. i am sad that you never got to rock out to things like THIS at a highschool party with other young kids who didn't drink yet.

  5. As a pearly white suburbanite, I'm pretty sure rap-metal was the gateway drug that got me into actual rap.

    I mean, can you believe that Korn record had one of the dudes from Pharcyde on it? What the fuck?

  6. hahaha! NO WAY. thats unbelievable. i didnt listen to pharcyde until waaaay after i stopped listening to korn.. but thats crazy. i also cant believe that Follow the Leader debuted at number 3 on the billboard top 200 in '98. thats some top of the wave action right there.

  7. I was a large beastie boys fan as well dave. I can easily recite a large portion of their discography. However they usually only rap about food or talk about how they are doing cool things. I guess thats really all white rappers can talk about.

  8. its weird, besides later digging into Pauls Boutique, i only checked out those two albums. But i always remember loving sabotage and wanting to hear the album it was on.