Saturday, December 31, 2011

The New Year - Newness Ends (2001)

 Eh?  Eh? Ok I know it might seem a bit cheeky to do what with it being New Years Eve and all but lets talk stock.

So The New Year features the talents of the Kadane Brothers formerly of the kings of sadcore Bedhead. Certainly check into some of their other amazing albums as well as they practically invented the genre. Newness ends doesn't really tred new ground but its incredibly solid with some really nice lyrics about getting older.  No blistering solo's here these guys are all about the slow burn rock and its moody as all hell.  You can practically smell the cooling rods from the time machine powering down after being transported to the early 90's with these guys but honestly I find myself yearning for that simpler rock music landscape sometimes. So crank these jams and be safe tonight. Happy New Year everyone.

Newness Ends (2001)

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