Monday, January 2, 2012

Audiocæneat! - Red Sessions (2011)

Post-rock can be a tricksy beast. It is often a  downright boring and formulaic genre affair (as anything can be) But when you are distilling many different genres down the roots system you've gotta have your weapon enchanted with just the right amount of elemental forces to stand ahead.  This brings us to Audiocæneat! from Germany who play a classic post-rock (think epic guitars) pounding drums, some great structure and shoegaze thrown in to flesh out the proceedings.  What I can and always do give props to is the attention of production, everything is in your face and crystal. Also if you think that this is your grandpas old post rock with down time they remain always interesting. Do I hear some metal influence in those guitars? You bet your bottom. These guys put a lot of the main streamers to shame. So what does that mean for you? it means clickity below fellow's.

Red Sessions (2011)

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