Saturday, January 7, 2012

AS MEIAS - self-titled & II

Japanese math rock is always crystal sharp in its execution and never a nary note thrown in. The most important aspect of my mass generalization is that their drummers are ALWAYS amazing. AS MEIAS is no exception to either of these rules. The singing here is a highly melodic emotional style that works well with the music and never tries to follow the rhythmic curve's going on behind it. Both guitars get locked into some solid steel counterplay with some riffs that I'd dare say are pretty original especially rhythmically. My issue (however slight) is that the riffs don't change as often as I'd like. Confession time I have musical ADD, no surprise. So many of you might listen and think "hmmm he's full of junk hell" Drums are pretty incredible in that they never play with the guitars and are always trying to (F) the beat up. This is super solid across the waters level biz.

Self-Titled (2004)

II (2010)

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