Monday, January 2, 2012


PLOKK are a 5 piece from Hamburg. (EDIT: 3 piece ((even more impressive)) )
PLOKK are freaking amazing

Just listen to the facts. This is a franken beast that makes so much sense when you hear it.  Depending on the moment you might catch them in the middle of some kind of quasi dissonant guitar battle that sounds like its about to fall  apart. Two seconds later you could be thrashing to an all out alternative metal  riff. It never turns out sounding at odds with itself though and flows organically on its way. The band itself says "intelligent krautrock" which I suppose you could tack in there.  A better idea as far as other bands go would be a more disjointed and less jazzy version of Fago. Sepia, a wonderful comparison in my opinion. So i know i must say this a lot but if you enjoy math rock in any of its aspects this is not something you can pass by. Don't even think about it.

A + B


  1. this is one of my favorite first-listens ever.

  2. haha nice post ! thänx acerola !!
    FYI this record is more than 7 years old, the band split up in 2007.
    here is a link with the last 3 songs, but we never recorded them properly — its just a minidisc live recording … so the quality is rather bad, but anyways …

    PS PLK was only 3 people, at the end we were four, we added a vibraphone …

    one part of plokk is now in BDYBLDNG you check them out here :

  3. Thank you for dropping the correct knowledge onto me. Not a lot on you guys is floating around the internet's so my apologies on the miss info.

  4. There is a man dedicated to avoiding vowels wherever possible.