Sunday, February 20, 2011

Concentric - Immeasurable

What happens when a bunch of metal heads become bored with metal? Naturally they form an acoustic progressive math rock band right? Yes and it is some well thought out musics at that. The proper conventions such as builds and blast beats remain intact through most of the songs but obviously they have transitioned to an acoustic rock frame work. Portions later on in the album become electric and then you really see that maybe they dont stray too far from metal in the end.  In any event dont miss out.



  1. I really wanted to dig in and enjoy this, because honestly, a lot of the songs have a similar approach to my own compositions. But fuck the production on this shit. Goddamn. Over-compressed, muddy, clipped poop that obscures the music beneath.

  2. tell me how you really feel :)

    but seriously no one would argue that point. I do agree that it detracts from the music especially when we are talking labyrinthine acoustic tech metal. It makes it difficult to distinguish a lot of guitar runs when your not paying close attention. However i dont think it makes the actual composition's any less amazing.

  3. here is a song from our new record, which is feel sounds way better than Immeasurable. hope you guys like it. thanks for listening!

  4. That does sound much better, which is really something considering how youtube manages to destroy audio. Compositionally, it's a great listen, dense in some respects, but each instrument is actually quite minimalist. Definitely something of an analog to bands like Dysrhythmia or Extra Life.

  5. Talk about making each note count. seriously appreciate the link Jerry. Love that there has been a clear progression from your last album. Would love to see you guys play. If you need a hook up as far as Buffalo or Ithaca NY I can certainly be of service.

  6. dude, we will definitely take you up on that. tour plans are in the works and we haven't been to buffalo in like 5 years so i will send you an email when i get stuff in order. thanks man!