Thursday, February 24, 2011


Acerola posted some Facing New York a while back, an awesome band that metaghost showed me as well. They write really cool rock/pop stuff with catchy choruses you only hear once after they grow out of the evolving melodies of their songs.

In 2009, the evil twin/ arch nemesis/ parallel universe persona of the singer of Facing New York, the hard drinking clubber Ricky Reed, released his first solo album. With drummer Arjun Singh, they called themselves Wallpaper and made DooDoo Face, the autotuned narration to a night of partying from a sentimental dance freak. The lyrics are silly as hell; too many to chose from, but "I gotta say I'm looking good/ I'd hit on myself if I could" from I Got Soul (I'm so wasted) came to mind first.

I was having a very hard time trying to decide which video of his to share on here; it was a toss up between T-Rex, or Getting Drip. One about going buckwild on the weekend after working 9-5 all week, and the other about prepartying in your kitchen. Metaghost put a vote in for T-Rex, and i cant disagree. Anyone getting down in an Ed-Sinclair-from-Dinosaurs mask deserves the screentime.

doo doo face

I also wanted to post this newer track, hopefully from an upcoming album. He has done away with the autotune and decided to just write one of the most fucking catchy-as-shit choruses of all time. Dude knows his fucking synths.

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  1. Ninko, hadn't heard Indian Summer before but jesus fuck those synths in the chorus almost melted my mind. so good.