Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ghosts and Vodka

If you want to talk about what the hell these current instrumental math bands are listening to you can more often than not draw a direct line to these gentlemen. Ghosts and Vodka is a mix mixture of two well known groups Joan of Arc and Cap'n Jazz. To say that this album is influential for the genre would be an understatement. Japanese band Toe in an interview once said they initially formed to play music like Ghosts and Vodka. Lets not even start on Victor Villareal's guitar style, we could be here all day. The music itself is incredibly dynamic and rhythmically complex but with a great sense of melody to back it up. Both Guitarists, Villareal and  Sam Zurick would go on to rejoin there Cap'n Jazz band mates for a new group called Owls. If you haven't your missing out.

Addicts and Drunks


  1. I made a new folder in my iTunes so i dont forget about all the awesome shit you post. I remember my friend Mike gave me a few Ghosts and Vodka songs that i really liked, but it was on a mix cd of so much other stuff that I forgot about which songs were theirs. I dont know any joan of arc or cap'n jazz either, but thanks again for the sweet jams.

  2. Yo, Villareal is still alive right? I remember dude was stuck on Heroin for a bit, or some such rumor.

    Dude is unreal at guitar. Basically the pinnacle of that liquid math style.

  3. yea he's good. has some solo acoustic singer songwriter stuff, but seriously dont seek that shit out. As good of a guitar player as he is somehow his deal with the devil must have taken away his ability to sing (or realize when he's offkey)

  4. But to end on a positive note yes dude is prolly one of the best math rock guitarists bar none. Along with Ian Williams but that goes without saying.