Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ebu Gogo

When a band that you love so well and dear comes to a close, it can be a very traumatic experience, for both the audience and the band themselves. The relationships formed in a band are strong, and though people may come and go, some musical relationships are so tight that the bond will never end. When Gruvis Malt broke up, parts of the group moved far and wide, but initially, some of the main members were close together, and loved making music with each other. They had been a band for more than a decade, and grew up with the same influences that made them so unique. Three of the members of Gruvis decided to form a band, Ebu Gogo, and just use it to make the music that inspired them: mostly, the soundtracks to 80s videogames and movies.

It is instrumental mayhem; the new classical music. Bass, keys and drums, all tightly knit and bouncing off each other in great harmony. The musicians are at the top of their game, and the creativity in freedom is inspiring.

Its a bit hard to find good videos of theirs, but this should suffice:
It is a drum video someone made, playing along to their song H.U.G.S., off worlds

He does a pretty good job, too. And then theres this lego stop motion video that a kid made, set to The Sun of the Rancher of Neverland. He also does a great job.

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